Hotmail Sign up Guide replaced in 2012. If you enter in your browser you will be redirected to the homepage of Users prefer Hotmail email address because it is better than other email services in a number of ways. Create an account now and get 5GB storage limit as well as 25GB of space Sky Drive. Hotmail is not a new name when we talk about email systems. Remember, and are, actually the same thing. If you want to login hotmail account, read the complete article here.

Requirements of Hotmail Sign up

The Hotmail sign up process is given below.

  • Enter any one of or in the address bar and hit the Enter button.
  • You will see first name and last name ladled text fields. You can choose your Hotmail username of your own choice. Hotmail will let you use the username you choose if it is not already taken by someone else.
  • Below username is the Password field. It is an important part of the Hotmail Sign up process. Before you set your password, you should know that Hotmail passwords are case sensitive. A strong password contains more than eight characters and is a mixture of alphabets and numeric characters.
  • Next you will Country and Region field. You should know that Hotmail service is available in thirty five languages.
  • Enter your birth date in the format “”mm/dd/yy”
  • Your phone number and alternate email address help you recover your Hotmail account if you are unable to access your Hotmail account for one reason or the other. The account recovery code will be sent on your phone or alternate email.
  • Enter the Captcha code and then finally press “Create Account” button. Congratulations, you have successfully created your Hotmail email account.

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