How to Change Hotmail Email Address

Want to change your Hotmail email address? There are various reasons causing people to change their Hotmail email password. But you might not be happy to know that there is no way you can change your Hotmail email address. Hotmail is still the first choice of most of the users because it offers the best user experience. Changing your email address is not possible but there is something else you can do about it.


In Hotmail you can change your alternative username or secondary username. For this purpose, you must have a account. If you don’t have an account then create one right now, it’s free. Be careful when choosing your username while signing up. The username you choose at this stage will become your permanent username. So think twice before choosing your Hotmail username.

Creating an alias can be something close to changing your Hotmail email address. Do you know that Hotmail or Outlook allows you choose up to ten aliases? Those wondering what alias is should know that an alias is just like your primary email address. You can use it to do many things like organizing your mails. Moreover it can be used just like a permanent email address. It is up to you what purpose you want to use primary email address and secondary email address for. This is the best option you can find in Hotmail if you want to make things simple. In this way you can organize things in a better way.

Question: is it possible to change your email address on hotmail?

Answer: As far as our original topic change of email address is concerned that is not possible. There is no email service that allows you change your email address including Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo. So, Hotmail is not the only email service that does not allow you change your email address. To help you understand things better, an example on permanent and temporary email is given below.


Your primary email address:

The email address you want to have is:

Keep one thing in mind that you cannot change your primary email address or username. But you can create an alias (in your case to use it as your secondary username.

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